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Uniting people, nations, and cultures

We believe that to have a positive impact on the world we need to find and encourage young people with the comprehension and conviction to be agents of change. 

Our scholars add to the diversity of UWC by sharing their traditions, their community and their stories with fellow students. Living and learning with these students bring to life global issues, an appreciation of differences and a deeper understanding of specific cultures and nations.

For a scholar, a UWC educational experience will open the doors to unimaginable opportunities; giving them a chance to take their dynamism and commitment to new levels, personally, socially and globally. It provides a remarkable chance for students to gain not only the qualifications that will set them on a lifelong path of success but to develop the personal qualities and skills that will help them to grow as responsible and resilient individuals who value service to others and commitment to care.  




Latest News  

Focus on Scholarships: Emmy-award winning filmmaker and advocate for social justice

Receiving a scholarship to UWCSEA in 1994 changed her life, as it was here, at the College, that she found ‘her tribe’ – a global community of like-minded people: “It helped me understand that, no matter where we come from in the world, we are all alike, in need of love, compassion, inspiration and a just society.” The UWC commitment to service was something that resonated with her, as did the respect and celebration of cultural diversity, evidenced by her education and career successes to date...Read More

Philanthropy in Action -Focus on Scholarships

In 2012, Priscila returned home to Mexico to work at the Centro Pro Miguel Agustin Pro Juarez, before joining Disability Rights International (DRI) to lead their gender programme. With the DRI, she helped to create Colectivo Chuhcan, the first female organisation in Mexico directed by persons with psychosocial disabilities. The group supported women to learn about their rights, share their experiences of living with their disabilities and address some of the main violations of their rights. The group is now recognised as the best practice at the international level to effectively promote, protect and defend the rights of women with disabilities...Read More

Addressing environmental issues through advocacy and awareness raising

It was a school field trip to Penang that inspired Jorge, Class of 1987 and scholar from Mexico, to dedicate his life to protecting the environment: “The complexity and intricacies of living, biological systems as well as their fragility made me realise the importance of working towards environmental issues and conservation.”..Read More



















In 2018/2019,

98 scholars from 50 countries are receiving a UWC education.

9 scholars at other UWCs around the world, including four scholars receiving the gift of education through The UWC Refugee Initiative.



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