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UWCSEA is proud of its philanthropic reputation, and during their time at the College students are offered a number of ways to contribute through the Service programme, including participating in Global Concerns projects. Since 2009, the Foundation has provided a special opportunity for departing graduates to collaborate on a project that will be an enduring reminder that they attended UWCSEA.

The Class of 2013 choose to leave a unique and very thoughtful gift to the unsung heroes at UWCSEA, the Facilities staff who work tirelessly to maintain and clean the campus every day. A recreational lounge will be built for them next the facilities office so they can rest and relax on those hot humid Singapore days. When told about the class gift to Mr Tay Wee Lam, Facilities Supervisor, had this to say, "Thank you so much for the generous gift! We are so looking forward to having a better rest area!"

The Class of 2012 donated a gift that will keep on giving—a wishing well. Located in the heart of the Dover Campus Middle School garden, donations through the wishing well will go towards the Scholarship Programme.

‘The years don’t matter, the moments and memories do.’ – Lakshmi Kumar, Class of 2012

"I’ve got UWCSEA to thank for everything I love about my life and myself.’ – Alisa Lipper, Class of 2012