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The UWCSEA Solar Initiative

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The UWCSEA Solar Initiative

UWCSEA is committed to making environmental stewardship a major part of every child's education. It is only by working together that we can address the peace and social justice challenges by raising the living standards of humanity while respecting the planetary ecological boundaries.

Our Solar Initiative is an opportunity for members of the College community to come together and raise awareness of environmental issues while reducing the carbon footprint of UWCSEA.

Inspired by a Grade 5 student project, Solar for Dover was launched in 2013 with the aim to install over 860 panels across three locations. Following the success of the Dover initiative and the impact it is has had on student learning, Solar for East launched in 2018 with the aim of installing 1130 panels across the campus.

Installation event

A core part of the solar initiative is to engage the community in the installation event. Panels are usually installed in batches of 100 and students from the solar panel activity teams work with technicians to install and connect each panel.

Donors and panel adopters are invited to join in and be part of this rewarding process. Some even take the opportunity to write a personal message of support on their panel.

Where does the money go?

Solar for UWCSEA is part of the UWCSEA Fund - our annual giving programme. The requested funding covers the cost of purchasing the panel and the ongoing maintenance of the solar panel system.

Enquire about adopting a panel

To find out more or to inquire about Solar for UWCSEA, contact us at