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History of Round Square

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The Round Square is a worldwide organisation of over 100 schools across five continents that all share a commitment to the educational principles of Kurt Hahn.

The name comes from the 17th Century "square" built by Sir Robert Gordon on his estate in the north of Scotland which became the Gordonstoun School, which Hahn founded in the 1930's. The "square" being a building for the administration of the estate and for the horses and carriages, which was built in a circular shape, echoing similar buildings he had seen in Italy. It was here that the first meeting of the Round Square schools was held, in 1967.

Round Square Member schools believe that the pillars of Hahn’s insight are the IDEALS on which our future is built. These are:

1. An international understanding and tolerance of others.
2. Democratic governance and justice.
3. Environmental stewardship.
4. Self-discovery through adventure.
5. Leadership.
6. Service to others.

Round Square supporters

The IDEALS of the Round Square have attracted the support of some exceptional people as patrons and supporters. The Board and supports of the Round Square schools include:

  • H.M. King Constantine
  • H.R.H. The Duke of York, CVO, ADC
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Craig Kielburger CM, MSM, OMC