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Innovative spaces at UWCSEA

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Innovative spaces - East Infant indoor playground
Ben Morley
Former Vice Principal, Infant School, UWCSEA East

Ben hails from London and joined UWCSEA in August 2011 when the East Campus first opened.

Ben feels very proud to be the Infant School Vice Principal for K1, K2 and Grade 1. He spent four years in K2 as Head of Grade before moving to Grade 1, again as Head of Grade, for a further two years. Prior to working at UWCSEA, Ben held a number of leadership positions at various schools across the globe, from Eastern Europe to Borneo, the Far East and back home in the UK.

Ben is a strong believer in an Early Years education that promotes, celebrates and values the unlimited potential in every child, where a child is seen as a strong, capable protagonist in his or her own learning. Ben advocates the importance of relationships and the power of a shared dialogue between students, parents and teachers in the success of any school. He feels extremely privileged to be part of such a talented, dedicated, collaborative and passionate learning community.

Ben holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Education from Durham University in the UK. He has considerable experience in innovative and creative initiatives in Early Years education and is an experienced proponent of the Reggio Emilia Approach.

A published author, Ben remains an avid reader and writer. He has a hugely eclectic music collection and is a keen sportsman, even though his body is becoming more and more reluctant to cooperate!

His wife, Heloise, is a Designer and they have four children, Lyra, Rocco, Otis and Milo. Together, they enjoy the cinema, getting lost in new places and endless horizons.

Courtney Carlson
Senior Communications Manager

Courtney joined UWCSEA in 2012 and served as Communications and Marketing Manager on East Campus until 2018, when she moved into the cross-campus role of Senior Communications Manager. A communications, marketing, and programme management professional with extensive experience in non-profit and education management, Courtney has always been drawn to mission-driven organisations and the College is no exception. She enjoys writing, sharing and amplifying stories about the amazing work of the UWCSEA community and the UWC movement to educate for peace and a sustainable future.

Innovative spaces at UWCSEA

Infant indoor playground on East Campus

The re-developed undercover East Infant School playground provides intentional, provocative and inviting learning spaces. These include a model-making area and testing ramp, a construction zone, a creative reuse centre (‘The Remakery’), a large role-play area, and a ‘Pop-up Playground’.

The Remakery, inspired by Remida (a cultural project associated with Reggio Emilia in Italy), was established thanks to gifts to the UWCSEA Foundation and is organised and stocked with reclaimed materials by the Junior School LEAP College Service group. Similarly, the Pop-up Playground utilises larger reusable materials for students to create their own play space.

Innovative spaces at UWCSEA - East Infant indoor playground

A - ‘Big behaviours’ play zones (not pictured): Students can also engage in physical activity and gross motor development in designated areas by playing football, running, or riding tricycles or scooters.

B - Model-making area and testing ramp: Budding engineers can design their own vehicles and then test their roadworthiness on the giant ramp.

C - Construction zone: Large blocks allow students to build any variety of structures.

D - The Remakery: Students’ imaginations are unleashed as they invent new objects with a variety of reclaimed materials in this creative reuse centre.

E - Role-play area: The child-sized houses and furniture along with dress-up materials allow for imaginative role-playing.

F - Pop-up Playground (not pictured): Students have access to larger reusable materials such as cardboard boxes, crates and tyres for creative play and construction.

To learn more or to support The Remakery or Pop-up Playground, please contact the East Infant School.

17 Apr 2017
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