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Curriculum development

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At UWCSEA, curriculum development and review is ongoing and occurs in a responsive, innovative and flexible way. Changes to the written curriculum are made using research and evidence from national systems as well as educational researchers.

The purpose of curriculum development and review is to ensure that the learning goals of our mission aligned learning programme:

  • Reflect our mission
  • Represent our best thinking about learning
  • Meet external needs, e.g. IB requirements, our changing cohort of students, international trends, etc.

How curriculum development occurs at UWCSEA

We may make the following types of changes as part of curriculum development and review process:

  • Adding or removing courses or learning areas to the UWCSEA Curriculum
  • Restructuring the learning goals in an area to better align to our thinking or external needs, e.g. new IB Diploma Programme syllabi.
  • Revising and/or rewriting the current Standards, Strands, Conceptual Understandings or Benchmarks of a learning area.

When we do decide to develop or review one of our learning areas, teachers are heavily involved in the process. Depending on the learning area under consideration, teachers take part in curriculum development in different ways. Many Heads of Department are directly involved in curriculum writing, which included the articulation of learning goals in a particular subject and grade level. Other teachers are part of the feedback process, providing information about potential improvements to the written curriculum after trialling learning goals in the classroom.