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East Campus calendar

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This page displays all events for all school sections on East Campus, as well as the Parents' Association and PACE.

To customise your view (remove events you do not need) please select the drop down arrow next to the word 'Agenda' view below (top right hand side of the calendar). Then de-select the check boxes for the school sections you do not wish to see.

You should leave College and East Campus calendar selected, as events that cross over more than one school appear only in these calendars.

We have created guides on how to link our calendars to your own through iCal or Outlook.

To view a printable summary of the key term dates and public holidays during the academic year, click here.

Note about the University Advising Centre calendar

There are a large number of events listed on the University Advising Centre (UAC) calendar. Most of them are for students in Grades 11 and 12 only. Events for Grades 9 and 10 are marked for their attention and will be highlighted in eBrief.

To remove the UAC calendar from your view, please go to the down arrow next to the agenda tab and un-check the calendar named UWCSEA East University Advising Centre.