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Digital citizenship

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Students need support and guidance in how to use technology appropriately. As they navigate the digital landscape, they face complex issues connected to access to information, online identity, cyber-bullying and self-management. With the line between online and offline life increasingly blurred, these issues often spill over into daily life and can affect student learning in profound ways.

At UWCSEA, we are committed to developing our students as independent digital citizens. We use the Generation Safe tools to provide our teachers with professional development in the areas of prevention, detection, intervention, and response to cyber incidents. Because experiences online affect school climate, the Generation Safe programme teaches schools how to build a network of support for all stakeholders - teachers, administrators, school counsellors, network administrators, parents and, above all, students. Lessons for students, ranging from password safety and Million Dollar footprint, to learning how to use tools such as Self-Control or i-Procrastinate to improve study skills, have enhanced their ability to navigate the online world.

UWCSEA has an ongoing collaboration with Robyn Trevaud, an online safety educator advising schools, media, industry and governments across Australia, the US and the Asia Pacific. Through the personal and social education (PSE) programme, Robyn works with teachers and administrators to help students think deeply about the responsible ways they can use online tools, especially to socalise with their friends. Robyn uses a powerful metaphor of “Where do you stand?” and “The Line”,  explained through a video created by a student (not connected to UWCSEA), showing how students portray the pluses and minuses of their online activity. The positives for most students are clear, but the temptation to be drawn into negative uses such as social pressure groups, bullying or other inappropriate use is a constant concern. The video provides a point for deep reflection for students as they discuss their online presence.

Video: What's your story?

Created by Mark C. Eshleman featuring Tyler Joseph for Trend Micro's What's Your Story Contest (not connected to UWCSEA)




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