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Outdoor Education takes place both within and beyond our campuses.

Research shows that through exposure to nature, individuals can develop empathy, become environmental stewards and sustain their well-being, and this goes to the heart of the UWC mission. This is why at UWCSEA, Outdoor Education is far more than the expedition programme and means that for all students, outdoor learning spaces are valued extensions of the classroom.

While our expedition programme starts in Grade 1 with a sleepover at school and culminates in Grade 11 with the independently planned Project Week, from the first week of kindergarten, regular opportunities are intentionally provided for students to explore the natural, growing, creative and social spaces of the outdoor environments on both campuses. On-campus activity is then extended through a range of field trips that encourage students to form connections in meaningful contexts within the wider Singapore landscape. Eventually, this extends to also include participation in the expedition programme.

Students are regularly given opportunities to observe and investigate the natural world around them while safely challenging their own capabilities, both independently and in collaboration with others. This applies for all students in age-approprate ways: for example, all our K1 classrooms have direct access to outdoor learning spaces and students naturally move between indoor and outdoor learning spaces each day. For all grades, this also means exploring the campus gardens and other natural spaces as part of their school day, in support of their learning in the academic, outdoor education and/or service curriculum as well as the personal and social education programme. 

Dedicated facilities

Each campus has its own climbing wall and the Dover Campus has high and low ropes courses that support both outdoor and physical education offerings as well as leadership development. The College's Outdoor Education team maintains climbing and camping gear as well as kayaks and other supplies to ensure students have access to safe and high quality equipment for the outdoor education programme.

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