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Local service

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Our local service programme provides students across all grades with opportunities to learn about others and the society we live in. Through their participation, students are encouraged to reflect on their own experiences, attitudes and actions.

A core aim of the local service programme is to, through direct interaction, enable students to become better informed and more responsible individuals.

A further learning goal is for students to become more empathetic in their outlook and sensitive to the needs of others. Empathy plays a vital role in the building of genuine human understanding, and through shared experience the local service programme has the potential to bring about permanent and lasting change by fostering its development.

Finally, through involvement in local service, students are encouraged to take on new challenges and to learn and develop valuable skills such as communication, team work, planning and leadership. As some services are shared between different schools, the older students often become role models and mentors to their younger counterparts.

UWCSEA provides an extensive and diverse programme that offers students the opportunity to work with a range of people in the community, including:

  • the elderly
  • adults and children with learning difficulties and/or physical disabilities
  • kindergartens, after-school centres and outreach programmes for disadvantaged children
  • teenagers not in mainstream education
  • domestic workers
  • adults in long-term hospice care
  • HIV patients (Senior School only)

Typically, students make weekly visits to a local organisation and engage in a range of activities such as sharing life stories, playing board games, helping with homework, foot massage, sports and even nail painting! UWCSEA has partnered with some of these organisations over many years—even decades—and values the opportunity that the local service programme provides to for us to connect with and give back to the community in which we live and learn.




NUmber of local service partners that students visit each week in the Singaporean community