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College service

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Participation in College service provides students of all ages with opportunities to explore links between the College community and the wider world. It also gives students an opportunity to put the UWCSEA values into practice on a daily basis.

As with the local and global service programmes, a key aim of College service is to foster the growth of empathy and to encourage students to become more sensitive to the needs of others. This is especially important in such a large College community, and one which contains students from such a variety of backgrounds.

Finally, through involvement in College service, students are encouraged to take on new challenges and to learn and develop valuable skills such as communication, team-work, planning and leadership. As some services are shared between the different schools, the older students often become role models and mentors to their younger counterparts.

Students from the Primary School and on take active leadership roles on bodies such as Student Councils. Middle and High School students have opportunities to help out in the Primary School classrooms during lunch and break times. Some are trained in sports leadership and coach younger teams after school. Middle and High School students are also involved in a number of valuable peer-support activities that can help to raise awareness of issues facing the community.


Examples of current College service include:

  • peer support
  • ambassadors
  • student mentors
  • sports coaching
  • Student and Sports Councils
  • Green Campus initiatives