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Virtually all UWCSEA graduates enrol in colleges and universities around the world. 

Our comprehensive University Advising programme commences for students in Grade 10. On both campuses, experienced teams of University Advisors support and guide students as they select their IB subjects and navigate university admissions processes across many destinations. Our student-centred approach encourages students to follow their passions and seek out the best options for their particular interests. 

The annual Careers Fair provides students with an opportunity to speak with local experts in a wide range of industries, and our alumni mentoring programme links current students with UWCSEA graduates who can share their experiences at particular universities and in specific career sectors. 

Each year, over 200 university representatives from highly-regarded institutions from many countries, including Australia, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK, the US and a number in Europe, visit one or both campuses to meet our students and provide information on courses and pathways.

The IB Curriculum and UWCSEA's holistic learning programme make UWCSEA students highly sought after by a wide range of universities around the world, including the most selective. Our students are also privileged to have several designated UWC scholarship opportunities available to them. These include: the Shelby Davis-UWC Scholarship Program which funds admitted UWC graduates to study at 90 designated colleges and universities across the United States; several UWC-specific scholarship opportunities at Canadian universities such as Quest, Simon Fraser, Trent, York, U. Toronto, and U. Victoria; UWC scholarships at King's College and University College London; and scholarships at a few European and Australian universities. 


University destinations of UWCSEA students

UWCSEA Dover IB results and university destinations (Class of 2019)

UWCSEA East IB results and university destinations (Class of 2019)
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University Advising on Dover Campus
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