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Drama in the Activities programme allows students to get involved in all
 aspects of theatre production, from performance to design and technical support.

Major productions at the College happen through the Activities programme and are open to all students, whether or not they are involved in drama studies through the academic curriculum. There are a number of extracurricular dramatic opportunities for students in the Middle and High Schools—ranging from the large-scale classics to small-scale experimental work. Some of these offer students from different school sections the opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other, while some are exclusive to individual schools. There are numerous opportunities for interested students to obtain technical as well as dramatic expertise though participation in these events. Opportunities also exist for students to produce their own work—whether it is new writing or creative dance.

Regardless of the production or the size of their role, students benefit from performance opportunities that help them to develop confidence as well as presentation and communication skills that will serve them in whatever future path they choose.







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