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At UWCSEA, activities are a vital part of student life and learning. Activities invigorate the life of the College by bringing students together for creative, athletic, leadership and numerous other endeavours.  Through the Activities programme, students have the chance to explore their talents, develop new skills and to be successful beyond the classroom. By trying out new things, they discover what they are good at, and are motivated to succeed.

Our Activities programme is open to students from Infant School upwards. A small number of paid activities are also available for students in the Infant School, all of which take place between 2 and 3pm after school. From Grade 2, an extensive lunchtime and after school activity programme is offered to all students - many of which are included in the cost of tuition.. 

The school year is divided into four activity seasons, allowing students to explore a wide variety of interests throughout the year and to participate in sports as well as pursue other interests. The programme is divided into sports, arts (drama, visual arts and music), leadership, clubs and special interests. It is designed to provide students with opportunities to discover new interests, develop their strengths and pursue their passions. Participants make like-minded friends from across age groups and interact with students from other school sections.

The opportunities offered to our students are wide-ranging, and because of the demands made on their time, students also gain skills in time management and self-organisation and learn the value of commitment. In addition, they build leadership and social skills as well as an understanding of group dynamics. Most importantly, they experience both success and failure and learn to persevere.

Students sign up via our online system, which allocates students based on their preferences. Parents are able to view their child's activity commitments, together with their academic timetable, via our portal and app. 

An overview of UWCSEA's offering of ECA/CCA and lunchtime activities, a vital part of the UWCSEA learning programme





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