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At UWCSEA we are enormously proud of our students. From the youngest students in the Infant School, beginning to learn independence, to our oldest Grade 12 students, grappling with the demands of the IB Diploma, every day we learn from them.  

The types of students we produce are the greatest proof of the value of the education we provide, and we are glad to say that our students act with integrity and respect for the self and the dignity of others, and can be relied upon to turn principles into action. Many are high-achieving academics, athletes or artists; many are committed to having a positive impact on the world; and many are resilient risk-takers, determined to challenge themselves everyday. We value the contribution of each, and, in a world where leaders are sometimes narrowly defined as those extraordinary individuals who act as agents of change, we understand leadership as the use of influence rather than positional power. Thought about this way, all UWCSEA students are leaders, whose collective effort can have an extraordinary impact on the world

We encourage our students to use their initiative and to embark on journeys of self-discovery without fear of failure. While experiencing success develops their self-confidence, the experience of failing helps them to learn resilience, perseverance and the ability to turn such experiences into opportunities. Our students always take up this challenge, and their progression through the College can be seen through their increasing independence and the development of a strong value system that stays with them long after they leave school.

Our student body is highly diverse, and they value the learning that comes with working with students from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. 

Above all, our students are enthusiastic, motivated people who are fun to be around.






by-campus student nationality breakdown at UWCSEA in Singapore











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