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UWCSEA East celebrates Family Festival 2019

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UWCSEA East celebrates Family Festival 2019

It was a happy celebration of madness at this year’s Mad Hatter-themed Family Festival, which fell on Saturday, 16 March. Organised by Parents’ Association (PA) East, the festival featured everything from raving rides, to a Mad Hatter’s market, to an entertaining Cheshire Catwalk, and our community gave their all to keep up with the wacky theme.

The campus community came together to pull together an event inspired by all things funky, fun, and fully sustainable! Students, parents and staff swarmed the many stalls selling Global Concerns (GC) products and dug into the delicious international fare sold all afternoon.

The festival strove to live up to the UWCSEA zero-waste goal, with an e-waste recycling initiative (which in part supported the NGO Tiger Watch) and Green Fingers, a College Service group, running a cutlery and cup rental service – though it was heartening to see most of the community bringing along their own wares from home.

Keeping up with the Alice in Wonderland theme, students, staff and parents followed the Rabbit trail to the the bookfair where a treasure trove of books awaited. Attendees got a chance to kick back and enjoy a great variety of performances and activities by student-musicians, dancers and athletes who entertained our community all afternoon.

An enthusiastic flash mob of drummers and dancers came together to surprise attendees. Through their spirited dancing, dozens of students, parents and staff called the community to come together in support of the UWCSEA Scholarship Programme. Many of the UWCSEA scholars are able to attend the College thanks to gifts from members of our community.

Our Community Partners and attendees made the event an immense success, and we’re proud to strengthen the relationships with our GCs and College community through the festival. Thank you to PA East, and all parents, students, staff and volunteers for an incredibly mad day!

1 Apr 2019
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