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University outcomes for the Class of 2017

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University outcomes for the Class of 2017



Graduates from Class of 2017 will take up places at nearly 180 institutions in 17 countries around the world. Not everyone will start this month, as around 15% of the class will do so after a Gap Year or National Service. The University Advising teams on both campuses are proud to announce some highlights from this year's university admissions cycle:


UWCSEA’s newest alumni will enrol to study in: Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, UAE, UK and the US.

The US continued to be the most popular destination for UWCSEA graduates, with 41% of Dover and 35.8% of East students enrolling there, followed by the UK (28% Dover and 26% East) and Canada (7% Dover and 8.5% East). There is a trend towards increased interest in Australia and Asia.

The largest university enrolments in the US were to New York University (19 enrolled across both campuses) and Cornell University (10); in the UK to Imperial College London (16), and King’s College London (15); in Canada to University of British Columbia (19) and University of Toronto (16) and in Australia to University of Melbourne and University of Sydney (numbers to be confirmed due to the enrollment cycle).

Our highest performing students, who earned 45 out of 45 points on their IB Diplomas, chose to enrol in UC Berkeley, Cambridge University, Columbia University, Durham University, Imperial College London, University of Leeds, Oxford University, Stanford University and Yonsei University (Korea).

Students who were predicted to earn 30 or fewer points in the IB Diploma received some excellent university offers including Brunel University London, UK; University of East Anglia, UK; PSG Institute of Medical Science & Research, India; University of Rochester, US; Savannah College of Art & Design, Hong Kong; School of the Art Institute of Chicago, US; Singapore University of Social Sciences, University of Essex, UK: Wartburg College, USA; and James Cook University, Singapore. 

Those few students who did not earn the full IB Diploma enrolled at the University of Rochester and Suffolk University, US; University of East Anglia, and Heriot-Watt University, UK; and James Cook University, Singapore

Popular single subject courses in the UK include Business Management, Economics, Sciences, Medicine, Engineering, Law and Psychology


All UK applicants who wanted a place have been confirmed.

Students across both UWCSEA campuses continue to be admitted to the increasingly competitive 'Ivy League' and other highly selective US colleges at rates above worldwide averages.

UWCSEA students applying for Medicine in the UK or Ireland had excellent success: 10/12 from Dover and 10/11 from East were offered places in direct ­entry medical programmes. One student from Dover also gained a place for a direct entry medical course in Switzerland.


Thanks largely to the Davis UWC Scholars Program, all UWCSEA National Committee scholars from both campuses who applied for scholarships to study in the US received scholarships, meeting 100% of their demonstrated financial need.

A number of students were offered merit scholarships to institutions in North America including: Boston University, University of British Columbia, Emory University, University of Florida, University of Miami, University of Southern California and the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, among others

One student from East Campus won a highly prestigious Morehead-Cain Scholarship from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

We'd like to take this opportunity to send our graduating Class of 2017 our best wishes as they commence the next stage of their life in their new homes around the world.

19 Sep 2017
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