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Tabitha 2018: raising funds and building houses

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Tabitha 2018: raising funds and building houses

Upon signing up to participate in the UWCSEA Tabitha Ladies House building trip, all participants were asked to consider how they could raise funds to build houses for the poor in Cambodia. As I am personally interested in the arts, my idea was to run a Silent Art Auction. After getting in touch with several artists and putting the word out to family and friends, an incredible number of 72 pieces of art and workshops were donated towards the Tabitha Silent Art Auction by UWCSEA parents, students, teachers, local and international artists. Some pieces even arrived in suitcases from Canada and Europe!
After some research in the internet, I found an interactive auction tool that would allow everyone to participate in the auction. The artworks were exhibited during the Dover Campus Community Fair on February, 3, 2018, and 4pm was the time for the auction to end – the last minutes were filled with excitement and we raised an incredible sum of S$13,490!
In the last week of February, 32 UWCSEA Dover and East moms traveled to rural Cambodia, Battambang area. In one week, we built 30 houses for poor families, landmine victims, disabled persons and widows. The joy in the eyes of the children, the love these people gave us with their smiles, their help during the build, the feeling of´togetherness´ was truly touching.
Thank you to everyone who made this happen!

5 Mar 2018
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