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Student experience: visiting startups and investment companies

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Student experience: visiting startups and investment companies

On 3 November 2017,  a group of students from UWCSEA Dover Campus went on a visit to REAPRA, an investment company on Tomlinson Road (Singapore) that works to establish large-scale ventures that can transform business fields and start new industries. The visit was co-organsied by Reactor Training and the IDEAS Hub

It was amazing to see how informal a company could be: no specific seating plan, no rows of desks and chairs, bean bags on the side, sofas for people to sit in. And the best bit was that it was in two blocks of a condo, the entire workspace of a startup! Some people who worked there where trying to start companies like 'Flying Uber', and a 'Tripadvisor' for the education sector.

It was great to feel the atmosphere and meet the people. We then went to their other floor where they were running a gaming company called SPOUT360 - an e-sports content platform that aims to reach the core gaming audience in Southeast Asia by providing multimedia content around the top e-sports games. The biggest surprise was when we entered to find the workers working hard....on playing their games! It was a really fun atmosphere and they even had a green screen room where they had been recording videos for their YouTube channel. We also went to their meeting room, 'the sumo room', and learned about what they did and why the are doing what they do. 

The last company, SchoolViews wanted to be known TripAdvisor or Glassdoor for education. As a new start up that will launch in November, they aim to become the most trusted global brand in education research. It was interesting to see how their personal experience with schools spurred them to start a company that helps parents choose the best school for their children.

It was a great experience and if you have a chance ever to go to a startup workspace, or any other office, I would really recommend it just for the experience and exposure.




29 Nov 2017
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