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Sporting success extends beyond record SEASAC results

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Sporting success extends beyond record SEASAC results

2016/2017 has been a very successful year in sport, with an impressive 19 SEASAC Championship trophies across the College. This success is the cumulative effect of several years of sports development, not just a single season. We strive for a sporting culture in which learning from failure as well as success is central. Students take responsibility for their learning in sport, both individually and as teams. They take an active part in answering “How do we continually improve?”, and teams work toward building resilience and mastery where high performance becomes a habit.

While this year’s record results provide one way to quantify sporting success, it is certainly not the only measure we use. East athletes Hugh Goovaerts (Rugby) and Lachlan Elliott (Swimming) each received the Sportsmanship Award at the SEASAC championships for outstanding contributions to fairplay. Hundreds of student athletes gain from personal development, friendship and enjoyment, which offer a range of success stories. Many students will have fond memories of championship wins this year, but far more will recall other highlights and reflect back on their own success and development. Going forward, we will keep asking “How do we continually improve?” across all sports and measure successes both small and large.

Dover Phoenix 2016/2017 SEASAC results (Division 1 unless stated)

Sport Girls  Boys
Badminton 3rd 5th
Basketball Champions 3rd
Cross Country 2nd 2nd
Football 2nd 4th
Golf 3rd 2nd

Level 8 - Champions

Level 7 - Champions

Level 6 - 2nd

Level 5 - 3rd

Level 5 - Champions
Softball 2nd 3rd
Swimming Champions 2nd
Tennis Champions 3rd
Touch/Rugby Champions 2nd
Volleyball 4th Champions (Division 2)


East Dragons 2016/2017 SEASAC results (Division 1 unless stated)

Sport Girls  Boys
Badminton 2nd (Division 2) 2nd
Basketball 5th Champions
Cross Country Champions Champions
Football Champions (Division 2) Champions
Golf 6th 6th

Level 7 - 2nd

Level 6 - Champions

Level 5 - Champions

Level 3 - 3rd
Softball 7th Champions
Swimming 2nd Champions
Tennis 6th Champions (Division 2)
Touch/Rugby 4th 3rd
Volleyball Champions (Division 2) 4th


20 Apr 2017
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