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SEASAC Touch Rugby: Dragons 19U place 3rd in Bangkok

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SEASAC Touch Rugby: Dragons 19U place 3rd in Bangkok

Bangkok SEASAC was a very memorable experience this year for us all. Celebrating 20 years of SEASACBangkok Patana and UWCSEA East hosted Division 1 and 2 sports, respectively. We are proud to announce that four of our teams during this season performed at an outstanding level which greatly paid off during this year's Super SEASAC. The boys basketball team came in first and was promoted to Division 1; the rugby boys were runners up in Division 1; touch girls placed 3rd in Division 1; girls tennis placed 4th in Division 1; and the boys tennis team were runners up in Division 2.

This was, at a personal level, the second year in which I was privileged to take part in the SEASAC Division 1 Touch Rugby tournament. Holding on to last year's title proved to be a lot harder than one could imagine – especially considering the relative inexperience of our young team after the departure of our many valuable seniors. We trained several times each week in preparation for SEASAC, with the help of our coach, Maureen Thomson, without whose support and confidence in the team we would never have placed this high. Her dedication to the sport and belief in our team surpassed all of our expectations and went way beyond the call of duty.

From the moment we set foot in Bangkok airport, we were welcomed with open arms. After several mishaps – including the loss of cherished  personal items such as phones (credits to Molly Griffiths, Hui Xin Choong, and Pierce Wilding) –  we soon settled in thanks to the hospitality of Bangkok Patana School. The school not only managed to host touch and rugby, both Divisions 1 and 2 (Alan Griffin and Dylan Ah Teck were dressed to perfection), but also tennis and basketball with great efficiency, officially making it the largest SEASAC event in two decades.

Friday, 29 January, the first day of Super SEASAC, was a great start for our touch team. Having won all our games that day, we celebrated with a delicious meal of burgers at a mall close to our hotel for dinner, along with our rugby team, tennis team, and coaches. Unfortunately, the next day we lost our first two games against our toughest competitors: Tanglin Trust School, and our very own UWCSEA Dover. This put us into the semi-finals against  Mont'Kiara International School – against whom we were successful.

The SEASAC website's states that: "The purpose of the organization is to promote student/school activities which provide and encourage opportunities for healthy competition, pursuit of excellence, social and cultural interaction and the development of friendships within the region of South East Asia." I on a personal level feel that this year's SEASAC not only provided these opportunities, but brought us closer together as a team, and as a school that I was very proud to represent.

We would like to thank everyone who made SEASAC possible for the participants; our school's coordinators, coaches, peers, parents, as well as everyone who made it possible for a fantastic experience in Bangkok, including our Grade 8s who took the weight off our shoulders, quite literally, by being the ball carriers.

Last, but not least, we would like to take a moment from our team to say goodbye to our senior Miyana Yoshida, and my peer Kiana Macdonald, who have greatly shaped the outcome of this year's SEASAC. We thank them for their valuable contributions, and wish them all the best.

Go Dragons!

2 Mar 2016
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