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SEASAC 2018/2019 round up

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SEASAC 2018/2019 round up

At UWCSEA, we strive for a sporting culture in which learning from failure as well as success is central. Students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of sports, rather than focusing on a single one, and to take responsibility for their learning both individually and as teams. The Sports programme teaches students life lessons and gives them the opportunity to create new friendships and overcome challenges, rather than focusing on wins, losses or professional aspirations.

2017/2018 has again been a very successful year in sport across the College, with a combined 11 SEASAC Championship titles. A huge congratulations to our student-athletes who gave their all in their sporting areas, and carrying the UWCSEA spirit with every dive, swing and hurdle!

Dover Phoenix SEASAC Results

Sport Girls  Boys
Badminton 3rd 3rd
Basketball Champions Champions
Cross Country Champions Champions
Football 3rd 4th
Golf 4th 3rd

WAG Level 5 - 3rd

WAG Level 7 - Champions

MAG Level 5 - 3rd

MAG Level 7 - Champions

Softball Not allowed to travel to ISY 2nd
Swimming 3rd 2nd
Tennis 3rd 2nd
Touch/Rugby Champions 3rd
Volleyball 4th 4th


East Dragons SEASAC Results

Sport Girls  Boys
Badminton 2nd 4th
Basketball 4th 2nd
Cross Country 2nd 2nd
Football 6th 5th
Golf NA 6th

WAG Level 5- 2nd
WAG Level 6- 2nd
WAG Level 7- 3rd
WAG Level 8- Champions

MAG Level 4 - 3rd
MAG Level 5 - 4th


Softball Not allowed to travel to ISY Champions
Swimming 2nd Champions
Tennis 6th 6th
Touch/Rugby 3rd Champions
Volleyball 7th 7th


Established in 1995, the South East Asia Student Activities Conference (SEASAC) is an association of 15 international schools in and around the region. SEASAC promotes student/school activities which provide and encourage opportunities for healthy competition, pursuit of excellence, social and cultural interaction, and the development of friendships across the member schools. Annually, SEASAC events include sports tournaments, an Arts Festival, and a Model United Nations conference.

4 Apr 2019
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