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Practice makes progress!

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Practice makes progress!

My mummy says that I "found my voice" in the Grade 1 Performer’s Assembly. “Found my voice”? I’m not sure what it means but my mummy told me that as a little child, I always tagged along to my older sister’s activities. You see, my eldest sister, Tara is a gymnast; she loves ballet and is very sporty. As for me, I don’t like being sweaty, so I have always stayed away from sports.
After much persuasion, mummy finally agreed to sign me up for the Performer’s Assembly. So in Grade 1, I sang a solo piece, It’s a Hard Knock Life, from the musical Annie to the Infant School. From that day onwards, I realised that I love to perform and want to be a triple threat performer! Triple threat requires you to be strong in three areas – singing, dancing and acting. With mummy and daddy’s help, I enrolled in singing lessons; joined Junior Singers and did some acting and dancing lessons.
Recently, I realised talent itself without hard work is not enough. I am fortunate to be chosen as 1 of 18 kids (3 groups of 6) to perform in the Broadway/West End musical, Evita. I have learnt just how hard the lead actors and actresses have to work.  I now know that in every thing I do, I need to practice and put in lots of effort! My new motto is “practice makes progress!” And it's also ok to get sweaty if it’s something that you love!


13 Mar 2018
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