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The power of words

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UWCSEA's Personal & Social Education programme ensures students are in an environment where they feel safe, happy, secure and therefore excited to learn.

The power of words

UWCSEA's Personal and Social Education (PSE) programme ensures that our students are in an environment where they feel safe, happy, secure, as well as excited to learn. This strong programme nurtures positive relationships amongst students and staff. We want our students to have an open mind, show respect for each other, to be ready to compromise with others, and act with integrity.

Morning Meetings are a significant part of our programme where each class comes together to greet each other, as well as share news and information. During this time, key social skills are learnt and developed. Throughout the day, PSE is taught both proactively and reactively in all five elements of the learning programme. 

A highlight of the PSE programme in the East Primary School during Term 2 was the ‘Power of Words’ unit. This unit focused on the importance of thinking carefully before we speak, how to 'say sorry,' and the impact that our words have on others. Pictured here are examples of some of messages shared with the students on these topics.

Karen O'Connell
Primary School Principal
East Campus


23 Mar 2016
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