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Phoenix Gymnasts soar to new levels at SEASAC

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Phoenix Gymnasts soar to new levels at SEASAC


Final Results: 

Level eight, 1st.

Level seven, 1st.

Level six, 2nd.

Level five, 5th.

The annual SEASAC Gymnastics event was held for the first time at UWCSEA East Campus March, 19-20 2016. The Dover girls presented outstanding results; representing in levels five, six, seven and eight, competing against seven other schools. The competition was immensely close, with fractions of points differing many of the final positions on the podium.

On the first day of the team competition, nerves were high, team spirit was strong, and consistent performances were showcased. At the end of the day, the level fives placed 5th, level sixes placed 2nd, and the level sevens and eights both placed first.

The next day, gymnasts returned to the East campus gymnasium to compete for the individual all around and event finals. After having the first day to adjust to the new equipment, the many training hours prior to the event was finally being put to the test. Exhilarating routines with high flying skills were presented; the evidence of the hard work was displayed throughout all four apparatuses.


Level 5 WAG

This year was the first SEASAC for many of the level fives to compete in many different routines on beam, floor and bars. They were excited and competed fiercely, but were still clean.

Martina Nanni arrived at the competition ready to give her best performances and scored a 8.400 on vault that resulted in 8th place, in addition to a stuck beam routine which obtained a score of 9.4 that resulted in a 15th position. She then came 16th place in the overalls. 

Kayla Bryant performed a great beam routine and she placed 7th, not only did she do well on beam, but she also managed to place 13th on floor.

Summer Staples had a fantastic competition, she pushed her limits and competed with great form and elegance, and was thrilled with her all around score of 34.100. 

Alix (Mini) Wiesser executed her routines; she competed a sassy yet elegant floor routine, which displayed her flexibility and tumbling skills. Mini placed 19th overall. 

Anisha Monassi Kedia has worked diligently on her bar routine throughout the year and it has improved greatly, showing in an an outstanding 7th place.

Well done to all the young competitors!


Level 6 WAG

The level sixes were thrilled with their final performances. They had an immense amount of fun competing in a more serious competition.

Zaara Gulabani, the youngest member of the senior squad competed at the mere age of 9, against girls who were mostly 13 and over. The tiny powerhouse competed a roundoff back handspring layout on floor, resulting in a score of 9.275. She also came in 4th on vault and placed 6th in the all arounds! 

Erynn Lau had a great competition. She won the uneven bars apparatus with a challenging yet clean routine, and placed 7th on vault.

Ava Kowald-Lindsey, yet another young member, competed a solid and well executed beam routine, scoring 9.925 which placed 2nd.

Issy Perman competed a fantastic routine on floor, adding in new skills such as a running front layout, with lots of height and a perfect landing.

Amelia Chong bravely added in a front handspring front tuck on floor, the skill which she was having trouble with in trainings. Even though this skill was new, she managed to stick the skill on both days of the  competition.

Zara Garcha had a great first day of the competition and stuck all of her routines. However, due to an unfortunate injury on the uneven bars, she was not able to compete on the second day.


Level 7 WAG

The level sevens had an incredible competition weekend, competing against girls from high performance clubs. With high hopes from the team win from the day before, the girls had a great team ethic and supported each other throughout the day.

Sophia Jelfs had an outstanding competition, competing several new skills: a roundoff back handspring full-twist on floor, a flyaway and free hip circle on bars, and a back handspring on beam. She placed 1st on vault and bars, 3rd on floor, and 9th on beam. Resulting in an overall score of 46.35, placing second overall.

Madeleine Hoang had several impressive routines. On floor, she competed two new tumbles: a roundoff whip back tuck and a roundoff half twist on floor. As well as performing a clear hip circle and a clean flyaway on bars. Her end results were 5th on beam, 6th on vault and bars, and a 7th on floor. These scores added up to 45.100 which placed 5th.

Madeline Kardachi’s competition was fantastic with new skills on floor, beam and bars. She managed an outstanding score of 11.250 on vault, an apparatus which is typically not her strongest event. She placed 3rd on vault, along with several other top 10 finishes on the other apparatuses: 5th on floor, 6th on beam, and 9th on bars, finishing 6th all around with a total score of 44.850.

Jacinta Ghirardello had a very clean clean competition with few mistakes on every apparatus. With a new element in her uneven bar routine, she placed 6th, with a score of 10.650. As well as coming in 4th on floor and 7th overall.

For Nicha Thongtanakul, our senior of the team, this was her last SEASAC competition. She competed extraordinarily, and the rest of the team were proud of her for sticking both of her beam routines on both days, what a way to finish! She placed 7th on bars and 8th overall. We will miss her flamboyant team spirit.

Pia Malakul had an injury in the beginning of the school year and has only recently recovered after 7 months. Over the weekend, she only competed on three apparatuses. She placed 4th on bars and 3rd on beam.


Level 8 WAG

The level eight team is of the highest level in gymnastics for international schools in South East Asia. Displaying the high difficulty in their skills, they had a remarkable competition and were mostly pleased with the outcome of all of their hard work and training hours spent in the gym. 

Audrey Dumas had an extraordinary competition, competing in new skills on every apparatus. On floor, she competed a front tuck step-out roundoff back tuck, roundoff half twist and roundoff full twist on floor, which are all new skills that she has learnt this year. But, most impressively, she performed a Tsukahara vault, being one of the few that managed to perform this complicated maneuver. She placed 1st on vault, 3rd on floor, 4th on bars and beam, 3rd on floor. Overall she came 2nd.

Zoe Gaa competed fantastically, with a 3rd place finish on the podium overall. To achieve this, she competed these elements on floor: a running full twist, front tuck step-out roundoff back tuck, and a roundoff layout to an immediate stag jump. On bars, she performed giants, a Toe Hecht, and a clear hip to handstand. Her end placements were 2nd on floor, 3rd on bars, 3rd on beam, and 4th on vault.

Jazmin Zastera had a great competition and performed clean, solid routines on every apparatus. She competed new skills across most of the apparatuses: a roundoff whip back tuck, roundoff full twist on floor; a front handspring cartwheel on beam, as well as a roundoff back tuck dismount; and a clear hip on bars. She placed 2nd on beam, 2nd on bars, 4th on floor, and 5th on vault, coming in at 4th overall.

The Dover Phoenix Gymnastics Team competed brilliantly throughout the weekend, with new skills and came back with armfuls of medals and trophies. Our team is thankful for all the support from our coaches, parents and supporters who came to watch and have been helping us through all the setbacks and complaints throughout the year.

Well done to all the gymnasts who competed at the SEASAC Gymnastics competition this weekend and we look forward to seeing you next year!


Jazmin Zastera

Grade 9 , Dover Campus
13 Apr 2016
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