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People power: Class Giving 2019

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People power: Class Giving 2019

UWCSEA's Class Giving Campaign is an opportunity for students to come together with their classmates to celebrate a fantastic year and leave a lasting legacy at the College. It is a grassroots fundraising initiative, led by parents, creating relationships and community across the College while taking action in line with the UWC mission.

In 2019, an enthusiastic group of parent volunteers took it upon themselves to greatly expand the programme, and for the entire month of May, worked tirelessly to roll out the initiative across the College.

Parents contacted other parents in the class, got the ball rolling with students and teachers, ramped up the excitement throughout the month and brought everyone together to decide on a meaningful initiative for each class. Some classes undertook a 30 days of kindness campaign with students committing to one act of kindness per day, and other decided to make a financial gift supporting a new tree on campus, purchasing part of a solar panel or donating funds to support the UWC Refugee initiative or Sky School.

By the end of May the results were absolutely outstanding: over 600 families, in 46 classes across 9 grades had generously donated over $30,000!  The power of collective giving and the spirit of philanthropy is alive and well at UWCSEA.

During the last two weeks of the school year, students, teachers and families had the chance to bring their gifts to life. Solar donors climbed up on the rooftops to install their solar panels and Adopt a Tree donors had a chance to plant and water their baby saplings. Those who donated to the UWC Refugee initiative had talks in their classrooms from Scholars passionate about the Refugee programme and Sky School donors were lucky enough to hear from Sky School founders, Polly and Mia about how their donations will change lives.

Thank you to all the incredible parent volunteers and to all the donors for their generosity in donating to the Class Giving Campaign, which is about so much more than raising money, but about building connections throughout the College and bringing the UWC mission to life.


Collective giving through the UWCSEA Foundation continues to advance the vital UWC mission and enrich the transformational UWCSEA learning experience, in the classroom and beyond. Make a gift today.  



17 Jun 2019
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