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Music with Murni (Local Service) S3-4

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Music with Murni (Local Service) S3-4

Over the past two seasons, students from Middle and High School have come together and joined the Local Service, Music with Murni. Every week the students visited the Murni pre-school and got a chance to interact with kids aged 4 to 5 from the local Singaporean community. The students interacted through various activities such as call response with instruments and storytime. Both the students as well as the kids at centre benefited from the experience. Below is one student reflections on their experience over season 3 and 4.  

Participating in the service ‘music for all’ this year has been a worthwhile experience. Through holding a leadership position in the service, I was able to work with my peers to plan engaging and creative activities for the children. I really enjoyed the interactive aspect of the service as we were able to engage with the children every session. We were able to see the impact we were making on the children through the direct service. We had to challenge ourselves to keep the children hooked, and come up with new ideas every week while keeping the activities related to music. Some of the challenges we faced were keeping the children's attention as they got distracted very easily, we had to think fast, on the spot to come up with new ways to grab their attention and keep them focused on the task at hand. In the end, we came away with a song that we created with the group of children as well as a mascot. Overall, I think that our service did a really good job for the past two seasons and built a great relationship with Murni Pre-school.

Watch a video of the local service programme here




11 Jun 2019
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