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Middle School Day of Sport - Swimming

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Middle School Day of Sport - Swimming


On Tuesday, 22 March the Swimming Day of Sport for Middle School students took place. This was the first whole Middle School house event of the year and everyone was excited to see how their house would stand up to this years competition. 
With over 700 students competing in individual, relays and whole house events we certainly had a busy but rewarding day. This was also the first time the destroyer inflatable was used in competition. Thank you again to the Parents' Association for purchasing this for the College. 
Congratulations go out to all the competitors for their efforts in supporting and competing for their houses and especially all those students who acted as captains and vice captains to fill all the events with competitors.
In the Grade group competitions Mostar won the Grade 6, and Waterford winning both the grade 7&8 competitions. The overall competition could not have been closer with only six points separating third and first. Mostar taking the title in their first win in the three years the house system has been running.
Mike Little, Head of Middle School Physical Education, Dover Campus
29 Apr 2016
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