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Matching gift to create more scholarships

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Matching gift to create more scholarships

In 2015, the American philanthropist and long-term supporter of the UWC movement, Shelby Davis, together with his wife Gale, challenged each UWC around the world to a raise $1 million USD in donations from their community, with the promise that when they did, he would match it dollar for dollar.

We are delighted to announce that UWCSEA was one of the nine UWCs to reach his US$1 million target and unlock the matching gift opportunity within 12 months. Thanks to tremendous support from our community, UWCSEA has now established the Davis UWCSEA Community Endowed Scholarship.

This remarkable scholarship will provide a transformational opportunity for students from low socio-economic backgrounds to experience a UWC education, in perpetuity. The first scholarship recipient will join the College in August 2017.

Together, with Shelby and Gale Davis, our community has made an enormous difference and brought us one step closer to our mission of making education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. Thank you.

In 2016/2017 there are 108 scholars from 58 countries receiving the gift of a UWC education:

Amenech grew up in a rural village about 325km from the capital and what she describes as, the beautiful city of Addis Ababa.

“In Ethiopia, many students think it is not important to study as there will be no employment after graduation. This is why I feel very fortunate to receive the UWCSEA scholarship. Everyone was so happy for me as I will be the first person in the family to complete my studies aboard. It will also change my life to get better opportunities for our future.”

Whilst home is near, Hwan is the first scholar from Malaysia to receive a UWCSEA scholarship. He is proud to be representing his country in this diverse community.

“There is nothing like living in a diverse UWCSEA community. There is simply so much to learn just by initiating a genuine conversation with someone from a different background. I learn to listen rationally and not make assumptions based on someone’s race, culture or religion. We may have differences, but it ought to be celebrated or we’ll never be able to create a tolerant and inclusive society.”


Giving to the College, through the Annual Fund and the UWCSEA Foundation enriches the unique UWC learning experience and brings the College closer to achieving its mission. 


10 Nov 2016
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