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Lord of the Flies production: a Junior School Drama Activity

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Lord of the Flies production: a Junior School Drama Activity


Students from UWCSEA Dover have been working really hard in their Performance Drama ECA towards a production of Lord of the Flies. They performed it on Wednesday, 8 June in a theatre, fully decked out in jungle foliage, at Centre Stage School of the Arts, Portsdown Road.

This cautionary tale about a group of kids who get stuck on an uninhabited island and are forced to govern themselves was written by William Golding in 1954 and adapted for the stage by Nigel Williams in 1995. The original play was written for a cast of 11 actors who rehearsed daily for six months. Our Junior School cast of 15 children took on the task of creating the piece in a mere 11 weeks of rehearsals with a vast spectrum of acting experience in the group - some students making their stage debut in this performance! A very ambitious project for such a large group in such a short space of time.

In preparation for their performance, students explored the themes of life without laws and what it might be like to be stranded on an island with no adults. As you can imagine, they enjoyed this part of the process immensely! They worked incredibly hard as a group, faced with some real performance challenges. Students performed in ensemble for a large amount of the piece; and reflecting the themes; they have had to self manage on stage without the help of the director. This can only work through solid group trust and cohesion. More than their performance skills and character work, the students really achieved an excellent sense of group rapport and dynamics. And looking beyond the quality of their performance, students can be very proud of the little theatre company they have produced.

Lucy Shuter

Centre Stage School of the Arts
Drama Teacher
13 Jun 2016
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