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A look back at Community Fair 2019

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A look back at Community Fair 2019

By Himani Dahiya, Community Fair 2019 Coordinator, Dover Parents' Association. 

What a fantastic Fair! 

The UWC values were front and centre at this year’s Community Fair, with zero waste practices, clothes and books recycling, student-run stalls, PA-run toy store, the 5C's and a 100% Vegetarian food. Our mission of sustainability was the order of the day. The community got into the spirit by bringing their usable crockery and cutlery as well as shopping bags.

The UWCSEA family was out in force, playing host and guest at the same time, while enjoying a vibrant and colourful event together. For the active fun-seekers there were a number of student-run game stalls, crowded with junior schoolers practicing their skills (and getting soaked in some of them), and inflatable bouncy castles. The shoppers had stalls selling GC Merchandise, craft/DIY stalls, and the PACE book stall to satisfy their needs. Crowning the event were brilliant performances by our talented students at the Jam Fest and UWCSEA Foundation's Flash Mob in support of the scholars.

Community Fair had the Dover grounds buzzing with energy and spirit, in a way that was meaningful and relevant. 

Thank you, everyone!

Click here to view snapshots from the fair.


By Hannah Vestring and Cecilia Thorstensen, Grade 11, Dover Campus

The following piece was originally published on Dover Today, a student-run publication established in 2017. Dover Today's mission is to encourage all members of the UWCSEA community, from students to staff, to use their platform to express themselves, whether that is through a news article, opinion piece or photography. 

On Saturday, 16 February 2019, UWCSEA Dover campus held its annual Community Fair. Every year, Dover organises a fair to give Global Concerns (GC) the opportunity to advocate, raise funds for, and spread awareness for their causes. Each Global Concern spends weeks planning their events: partnering with homemade international food stalls, organising carnival games, or setting up a merchandise-awareness stalls. Throughout the day people filtered in, making the atmosphere around school animated. The Tent Plaza turned into a carnival tent as the Global Concerns’ activities brightened the school environment. The UWCSEA community enjoyed themselves, playing, eating and donating to various international and local charities.
As early as 9am, students from the school’s GCs bustled about setting up their stalls. Walking through the Tent Plaza only an hour later, one could find colourful banners, posters and carnival games decorating tables and walls. The stalls varied from massive bouncy castles to milkshake bars and even a dunk tank!
The school was packed with kids lining up for Big Brother Mouse’s cotton candy, teachers purchasing t-shirts from Paw GC, solar powered decorative lamps from Lighting a Billion Lives GC and parents buying wonderful pieces from the Tabitha stall. The cafe was transformed into a secondhand book store. There were so many books, it was almost impossible to maneuver around the cafe. The Junior School playground was full of young kids lining up for exciting bouncy castles and the infamous dunk tank and meltdown contests.
At the Pavillion canteen there were a wide variety of international, homemade foods organised by the Parents' Association. These stalls collaborated with several GCs so that both parents and kids could help to make, represent and sell food from all around the world. People could purchase food from countries like Japan, India and even the Philippines. All the food that the students and parents made was absolutely amazing, and everything went towards a GC.
However, not every stall was raising funds. There were student-runs stalls that were passionately spreading awareness for different causes. Students stood behind the stalls advocating for environmental and social change. An example was the on-campus environmental initiative service, which informed people how to set up their own herb garden at home and gave out herbs that were grown on campus.
This year there were a few additions to the Community Fair that didn’t feature in the previous fairs.
In the Main Hall, a ‘JamFest’ took place, including performances by Primary and Middle School students. The audience enjoyed a variety of performances from rock songs to vocal solos.
Recently, UWCSEA decided to adopt a ‘cashless system’ in all the school’s fairs. Coupons that could be bought in the Tent Plaza were introduced which sped up payment at all the stalls. Finally, organised by the UWCSEA Sustainable Development Initiative, this Fair was a ‘Zero Waste’ success! No plastic was used for plates, cutlery or distribution of food. Kids, teachers and parents all brought reusable mugs, plates and cutlery or rented plates to keep the Community Fair’s waste to a minimum.
The Community Fair this year was a success, and according to many members of the community, it was one of the most memorable fairs yet because of the new initiatives and exciting events.
Congratulations to all the students, parents and staff on the success of your stalls, and thank you to all participates for your contributions to these amazing causes. In the UWCSEA community, the Community Fair is one of the biggest fundraising events of the year and it is always wonderful to see how many show up to support the causes.

Check out photos from the Community Fair here.


22 Feb 2019
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