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K1 investigate our living world with Pango and Mack Mack

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K1 investigate our living world with Pango and Mack Mack

The K1 children have been investigating ‘Our Living World’ as their Unit of Study in recent weeks. The focus for the unit is on living things and how they grow, change and develop over time. Through the ongoing inquiry, the children will be given opportunities to develop an awareness of the need to stay healthy, the importance of making mindful choices and, in time, will begin to understand how their actions can impact their own lives and the environment in which we live.  

After investigating living things within our school environment and setting up our very own Aerospring garden, the children delved deeper into their investigation and got the very special opportunity to meet some dogs from a rescue centre in Pasir Ris.

Singapore shelter dogs, Pango and Mack Mack, from OSCAS (Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter) shared a session on kindness to animals with all of the K1 children on Tuesday, 28 November.

During the Community Time presentation, rescue worker, Aparna, together with her two teachers explained that we can learn a lot from our interactions with animals.

The aim was to help the K1 students appreciate and understand our shared responsibility  to respect and be kind to animals, realise that not all of them are fortunate enough to have a loving home and learn the right way to approach a dog.

The three key learning points we explored were: 

  • Always approach a dog gently, without sudden movement or loud noise and let the dog approach you to sniff your hand.
  • Dogs do not really enjoy hugs like we do – a pat behind the ears or back is far more appreciated!
  • If you want to save a life and welcome a dog into your family - ADOPT do not shop!

It was evident that many children were afraid of dogs and it was really encouraging to see that most of them overcame these fears and spent time with the dogs, asking interesting and thoughtful questions.

The parental response was also very positive. Some parents commented that is was all their child spoke about all evening and was a first time experience of feeding and being so close to a dog. A wonderful shared learning encounter for all.

OSCAS (Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter) is a registered Singapore charity and volunteer-run community shelter that is home to 110+ Singapore Specials.  Lend a Hand, Save a Paw

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14 Dec 2017
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