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Junior Spartan Race 2016

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Junior Spartan Race 2016

On Saturday, 29 October four talented runners and gymnasts from East Campus participated in the Junior Spartan Race in Singapore. There was a fantastic turnout of young athletes who took part in the grueling obstacle race, and the Dragons proved their strength with our students doing quite well including:

  • Arkie M, 2nd place, Competitive girls 11-13 
  • Pauline, 3rd place, Competitive girls 11-13 
  • Eddie M, 3rd place, Competitive boys 11-13 

Thibaud, who also participated was not on the podium in the end, but he did a great job as well.

All of the students who participated demonstrated determination, strength and resilience. They were happy to be there, proud of their race, and enjoyed the moment!

These students are role models for our athletes and will hopefully encourage other students to strive to be 'the best that they can be.'

31 Oct 2016
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