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Junior Singers performance at St. Andrews Home for the Aged

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Junior Singers performance at St. Andrews Home for the Aged


On Wednesday, 9 March, 96 members of the Dover Campus Junior Singers went to St. Andrews Home for the Aged to sing for the residents. I was really excited to go and say hello to all of the residents and staff, as I am also a regular participant in the Service activity at St. Andrews.

When we were singing, the residents sang along to all of the songs, and I think they really enjoyed the performance. It made me feel very happy to see the cheerful looks on their faces. Since our performance was outdoors at a HBD void deck, not only did they enjoy it, but so did the people who lived in the area. Many looked out of their windows to watch us sing. That made some of us in the Junior Singers look at each other and smile.

I love that we have the opportunity every year to brighten up so many people’s day, even if it is only for a short time. The repertoire that we presented gave them an emotional connection to their childhood, because we sang songs that they were familiar with, and would have known when they were children. What I have learnt from the last three years of performing at different homes for the aged, is that making other people happy, will make you happy too.  

Anika Shankar
Grade 5
Dover Campus

20 Mar 2016
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