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Indonesian beauties

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Indonesian beauties

Primary School students at UWCSEA are encouraged to develop and practise their writing through the 'Writing Workshop' curriculum. The ‘Workshop’ approach uses a combination of structured ‘mini-lessons’ mixed with sustained periods for students to write and conference with their teacher and student partners. At the heart of Writing Workshop is the belief that children want to write and that writing instruction should be focused and succinct leaving time for students to apply and consolidate skills. The following story was written by a Grade 5 student about his recent trip to Bali over the Chinese New Year holiday week.

Have you ever seen the rice farms in Indonesia? They take the form of receding platforms known as terraces which resemble steps. This kind of landscaping helps to prevent soil erosion  If you are lucky you might spot a rice farmer around. They have a green cap made out of leaves . They also have two baskets balanced by a bamboo stick on their shoulder. These rice terraces are not only an agricultural tool but also a sight to see.

Another one of these attractions is the Tanah Lot Temple. It is located in the west of Bali. This temple is a natural formation where pilgrims come to pray to the gods. This temple is home to a black and white snake which pilgrims believe defends the temple from bad influences. The name 'Tanah Lot' means 'small island on the sea' in English. When it is high tide the temple looks like it is floating on the water. In the low tide however you can see the full structure. There is also a freshwater spring in Tanah Lot despite the fact that it is in the middle of the sea. Just outside the temple there is a local market where you can buy souvenirs. 

The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary (The Monkey Forest) is basically a protected forest filled with monkeys. People often come there to see these fascinating monkeys in action. Hold a banana above you head and they will climb up your body! This forest is not only a tourist attraction but a place for research and conservation programmes. The beauty of this place is the fact that these monkeys aren’t afraid to swipe a banana away from you when you aren’t looking; they will happily accept your feedings and they are always photo bombing! 

The Tegallalang Handicraft Centre is known for its arts and crafts industry. The Tegallalang Handicraft Centre boasts a wide range of products from wood and silver to batik paintings and volcanic rock carving. Batik paintings are basically paintings in which the lines are drawn with wax. So every time you paint and the paint starts flowing to an undesirable location the wax repels it. Volcanic rock carving is another art form. These rocks are easy to find as Indonesia is in the ring of fire - a belt of countries where a huge amount of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes take place.

These are just some of the beauties of Indonesia. Travel there and experience all of these magnificent attractions!

By Siddhant Tandon
Grade 5
East Campus

15 Feb 2016
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