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Getting out of our comfort zone in New Zealand

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The annual New Zealand Adventure trip for UWCSEA's Middle School students (12-14 years) is one of the optional trips offered to students on Dover Campus.

Getting out of our comfort zone in New Zealand


The New Zealand Adventure Trip of 2016 was a fantastic expedition which we were all lucky to be a part of as we learnt a lot about the culture and history of New Zealand and fully immersed ourselves in nature. New Zealand is an amazing country, with deep history, like that of the Maori. On the lucky occasion when we visited the Maori, we heard legends from them about how New Zealand was formed and tales about how the natural landmarks in New Zealand came to be. During our brief stay with them, we also learnt about the Maori culture and their practices.

During the trip, we were confronted with various challenges and obstacles that we had to overcome. The primary focus of these challenges were to get us to step out of our comfort zone and try new things. All of us faced our own battles from the activities that we had to overcome; from the cold weather of New Zealand to jumping into the cold ocean. These activities included whale watching, tree climbing, white water rafting, bungee jumping, and much more. They were such eye-opening experiences, and when we were working as a team, it really brought everyone from Grades 6-8 together. From these activities, we all learnt a lot about ourselves and the friends we made in the trip.

During the expedition, we had fantastic guides, teachers, and people around us and thus had a life changing experience. The beauty of New Zealand and its clean vision in many ways inspired many of us to go about our daily lives in different ways. I feel that I can speak for everyone that went on the trip when I say that we all will remember this trip for years to come.

Arnav Tapadia
Grade 8

Other contributors: Erik Bryant, Grade 8  and Kayla Bryant, Grade 7

13 Jun 2016
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