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Fund a Flight: Bringing together Scholars and Families for Graduation 2019

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Fund a Flight: Bringing together Scholars and Families for Graduation 2019

Sometimes when you are far from home, you just need your mum or dad, or another special family member, there with you to celebrate the big moments in your life. And there is no bigger moment in a teenager’s life than their High School graduation.

The UWCSEA Foundation Fund a Flight programme provides flights for one parent/family member of a scholar (with a demonstrable financial need) to attend their child's UWCSEA graduation. This emotionally charged initiative, beloved of donors, scholars and their families, supported a total of 27 flights in 2018/2019, reconnecting scholars and families for their big day on Saturday, 25 May 2019.

For some scholars it was their mum or dad joining them, for others a treasured brother or sister. Many of these family members hadn't left their home town before, and most had never been on an airplane or left their country. For many this was an incredible opportunity: the chance to visit the College and country that their precious child or sibling has called home for the last two years and to meet all their friends and supporters for a momentous celebration.

Thanks to the generosity of UWCSEA donors, all UWCSEA scholars had their families by their sides for Graduation in May 2019.

From the scholars:

Thanks to you, my brother will be able to join me and celebrate my graduation with me. So far, my family has only been receiving pictures of my experience. I am excited that someone can actually share it with me. And as a graduation speaker of my year, I am even more grateful that a member of my family will be with me at this event!
Teddy - Scholar from Burkina Faso

Words fail me to express how elated I felt to find out that my Mom, the one who raised me to be a person I am today, can attend the apex of my high school journey – Graduation. Perhaps it is not as important for me as it is for her - to witness her son finish his diploma programme after two years away from home, justifying the effort she has put in to my upbringing. While the final exams are still to come, it warms my heart to know I can share the joy of completing the challenging IB with my dearest family member.
With the most genuine and sincere thank you,
Maksim - Scholar from Belarus

See more photos and read messages from the scholars.


19 Jun 2019
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