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From Food Tech to a TV cooking show

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From Food Tech to a TV cooking show

Do you eat to live? Or do you live to eat? That is a question that intrigues me as I love food and I’m a foodie, that too a very curious one.

In Middle School Food Technology takes you to a totally different level. Seriously, we middle schoolers learn a lot about food so we can make good choices. My teacher Ms Naidu introduced different food dishes and cooking techniques, and helped to increase food and diet understanding. After all as they rightly say, health is wealth.

My experimentation with food and flavours got me interested and excited about cooking. I would try making small dishes like cupcakes, gingerbread, fruit salad, meat burgers, pancakes, puddings, cakes, chicken curry and so many more. As I grew I started to try different cuisines and developed my taste buds. From chili crab to Thai minced basil chicken rice; from Pad Thai to lasagne; from egg curry to broccoli fritatta, to watching different cooking shows, I would dream of being on TV to share my recipe.

And day I got an opportunity to be a guest on Zee Television's popular show, 'Sarab Says Make It Snappy'. I was super excited to be with Celebrity Chef Sarab Kapoor and it was super fun to be on the show. She selected my delicious and nutritious recipe 'Grilled Fish with Hot Garlic Chutney and Stir Fried Veggies'. She was surprised that I could make it all by myself.

I was called for the shooting of the episode and it was an amazing and fantastic experience. I met the people who were helping in producing the channel.  It’s a lot of work. Everybody was very welcoming. It was fun shooting as I got to see how an episode of a channel is filmed. It was lights, action, camera, for me! There were so many cameras and I had to look right into them. How do you do that? It was challenging but I was ready for it. I had so much fun. We all laughed when we got our lines mixed up. I was told to be natural, and that I can tell you was much easier for me. “Just go with the flow,” I told myself.

The show aired on 18 March 2017 on Zee Television Asia Pacific. I really enjoyed this opportunity and look forward to seeing where it takes me.




23 May 2017
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