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An exciting parkour unit for Middle School Physical Education

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An exciting parkour unit for Middle School Physical Education

Our Grade 8 parkour unit is designed to allow students to access more complex, impressive locomotive movements while providing a certain amount of freedom and creativity. The highly entertaining stunts of freerunning and parkour are often found amongst the top videos on YouTube which provides a high level of engagement for our Middle School students.

The video below is a final assessment from a group of students, demonstrating what they feel are their best parkour movements to date. We used some famous YouTube blogger clips to understand content, camera angles and the benefits of planning with retakes. By limiting our movements to three or more students were more focused on honing these skills and practising these repeatedly on camera to finally select the very best and most impactful. This video is more of a compilation piece, others in the same class created rich plotlines, developed acting scenes to inspire and capture the audience and some used parkour to escape through a chase scene. It turned out to be a highly engaging unit where students had the freedom to create over a series of lessons while being focused on physical performance and provided evidence of each students skill and progress.

From the Middle School PE team, we hope you will enjoy their hard work, we felt it was too good to keep to ourselves! 

This video is a student collaboration. Camera, edit and music by our students: Hugh, Koko and Spencer




Physical activity is seen as an integral part of life at UWCSEA. Our campuses have superb indoor and outdoor sporting facilities which provide a wide range of competitive, development and recreational sports to be offered throughout the year. To learn more about the UWCSEA learning programme, click here

27 Feb 2019
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