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East Sports Recognition Evening Season 1

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East Sports Recognition Evening Season 1

The East Dragons High School Sports Council proudly hosted the Season 1 Sports Recognition Evening on Friday, 2 December celebrating our football, volleyball, cross country and golf teams and athletes. The East Dragons teams won 5 of the 8 SEASAC championships in which they competed, making this an extremely successful season for East sport. The evening included live entertainment, awards and speeches from members of the various team. This student-led event proved to be a memorable evening for all of the athletes involved in Season 1 sport.

Congratulations to all of the award winners!

U19A Boys Volleyball
MVP: Pierce Wilding
MIP: Tommaso Salvatori
Team Contribution: Jamie Anderson

U19B Boys Volleyball
MVP: Pranav Chhabra
MIP: David Protonotarios
Team Contribution: Liam Bleakley

U19A Girls Volleyball
MVP: Melissa Aviles
MIP: Janina Strohbecke
Team Contribution: Wendy Xiao

U19B Girls Volleyball
MVP: Kritika Krachaiwong
MIP: Molly Griffiths
Team Contribution: Marianne Legault

U19C Girls Volleyball
MVP: Fuzhi Zhao
MIP: Elena Aruldoss
Team Contribution: Anna Donova

U19A Boys Football
MVP: Yohan Pillai
MIP: Jason Macleod
Team Contribution: Matthew Saurin

U19B Boys Football
MVP: David Lundevall
MIP: Derrick Yeo
Team Contribution: Satayu Boontaveekit

U19A Girls Football
MVP: Eloise Benissan
MIP: Shaleigh Harrington
Team Contribution: Annabelle Hodge

U19B Girls Football
MVP: Kate Elliott
MIP: Karma Choki
Team Contribution: Vani Jain

U16A Boys Football
MVP: Ko Seung Ho
MIP: Liam Postlethwaite
Team Contribution: Alastair Hoskinson

U16B Boys Football
MVP: Joshua Parr
MIP: Bobby Kynigos
Team Contribution: Joshua Parr

U19 Girls Cross Country
MVP: Nayana Jain
MIP: Natasha Kaeller
Team Contribution: Yuko Okumura

U19 Boys Cross Country
MVP: Will Bruhn
MIP: Auguste Fagniez
Team Contribution: Johann Singh

U19 Golf
MVP: Avi Dixit
MIP: Sid Bose
Team Contribution: Anvay Dixit


2 Dec 2016
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