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East middle schoolers learn life-saving first aid

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East middle schoolers learn life-saving first aid

On a hot Monday afternoon, 10 Middle School students were introduced to the beginning of an intensive 6-week programme to learn the all-important skill of saving a life.

Through this new Season 1 Activity, students are learning both theory and practical skills of assessing the scene of an accident, deciding on what help is needed, administering CPR, Rescue Breaths, learnt how to use an AED machine, and how to manage common school, playground and traffic accidents.

By gaining these skills, they are building the confidence to know what needs to be done in an emergency, particularly how to render assistance and comfort to someone who is injured, disorientated and scared.

Sessions include a combination of theory and hands-on practice, with both adult- and infant-sized mannequins. Thanks to the easy style of teaching, the students enjoy the camaraderie, and the chance at winning that ever-elusive prize during the Q&A sessions during class.

At the end of the Season 1 sessions, all students who can demonstrate the skills learned during the practical sessions, will become Certified First Aid/CPR and AED providers, with certificates from the American Safety Health Institute (ASHI).


26 Sep 2017
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