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East Dance Showcase 2020

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East Dance Showcase 2020

On Friday, 28 February, 120 students performed in this year's annual dance showcase. The theme was 'A Night at the Movies!' The dances performed reflected a range of different film genres and eras from throughout Hollywood's history, from musical films such as Singin' in the Rain and Grease to action films such as Spiderman and Black Panther

Dances showcased work choreographed by student leaders, as well as that created as part of the High School dance activity programmes. To be granted the role of choreographer and pursue their movie of choice, aspiring student leaders were put through a gruelling proposal process in which they had to choreograph and submit a range of dance ideas for selection by a staff and student panel. After successfully completing this process, they had around 10 weeks in which to choreograph, teach, and stage their dances. They also needed to source costumes, music, props and projections, and contribute to the event programme. This role was not an easy one! It requires leadership, management, artistry, creativity, collaboration, team work, organisation and commitment! 

Alongside the choreographers, there were also students involved with other roles in the production such as marketing, media, backstage crew and audio and visual crew. A huge well done should also go to the dedicated student committee who have been instrumental in conceptualising and producing the production, and supporting choreographers and dancers with their roles. And of course, let's not forget the dancers themselves who have been dedicated to rehearsals throughout the process, and filled the room with bucket loads of energy and enthusiasm on the night itself!

Dancers, choreographers, committee members and crew put numerous hours into this show, and as a result, provided a fun and exciting experience for their audience! They should be extremely proud of what they have achieved! Amazing job by all! Thanks to all who contributed, and came to watch too!


19 Mar 2020
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