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Dragons Swimmers win fourth consecutive SEASAC Overall Title

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Dragons Swimmers win fourth consecutive SEASAC Overall Title

Over the weekend at the OCBC Aquatic Centre, the 21st annual SEASAC Swimming Championships took place. The weekend was filled with emotions, personal bests (PBs), records, injuries and tears for some. At the start of the weekend, one of our key breaststroke swimmers unfortunately injured himself before we left the hotel. SEASAC hadn’t started but wasn’t looking as bright for the Dragons. Ben was rushed to hospital, only to find out he had fractured his foot. We traveled to the hotel that night hoping that Ben would be okay. The next morning as we arrived at OCBC, Ben being his persistent self, turned up ready to swim with a fractured foot. By that point we didn’t care if we were going to win or not, because Ben had shown what it is to be a true Dragon.

Friday morning had started off with everyone cheering on the 400 free swimmers. The posters stood out, our voices even more so.  As usual, the sound of the Dragons team spirit was waking up Singapore. Georgina broke the 15&O record, and so did Dan. The 50 back, 100 fly and 200 breast all took place with Dragons swimmers medaling. Liam came away breaking the 50 back and 100 fly records. Soon after, came the 4*50 medley relay, which was a great way to wrap up Friday morning, with almost every age group making it to the podium. Congratulations to the 15&O girls and boys, who both broke the SEASAC record for this event. Lunch moved by quickly, already the 50 fly swimmers were getting ready. Ben, with a fractured foot swam this event and managed to get an incredible time just outside his PB. Liam broke the 15&O record. The 100 back and 200 free were a joy to watch, as PBs were being smashed one after the other. Georgina broke the 15&O 200 freestyle record and Liam again broke another record in the 100 back. The 4*100 freestyle relay was a great way to wrap up Friday. All the non-relay swimmers were screaming as loud as they could to cheer on their teammates. The 15&O girls and boys again broke another record for this event. As Friday was wrapping up and the sun was going down, East all jumped into the swim down pool and participated in a massive swim down protocol which was amazing to watch. Friday night was concluded with a massive carb reload at the Steakhouse followed by Cold Storage runs.

Saturday morning, the Dragons awoke as per usual before the sun was up. Some were nervous for their events, others were upset it was the final day of SEASAC 2017 and maybe their last day at SEASAC as a Dragon. As we arrived at the pool, David, one of our breaststroke swimmers who didn’t make it to SEASAC was ready to cheer his heart out for us. The day began with the 50 freestyle, a classic event, followed by the 100 breast. As we moved through these events and the morning, many more Dragons swimmers and friends who didn’t make it to SEASAC, came along to support. The encouragement from the team and the crowd was amazing. During the 200 back, Liam and Jeremy both broke the 15&O record and the 13-14 record. As the 4*100 medley relay came around, the Dragons had the whole swim team plus friends from school there cheering them on. The 15&O girls, broke yet another record.

The final session of SEASAC 2017 came around quickly. It started with the 100 breast, followed by the 100 freestyle. In both events all Dragons swimmers gave everything they had left. Next came the 200 IM, a sprint of each stroke. Lachy, one of our seniors broke the 200 IM 15&O record. The fight for 1st place was phenomenal to watch, with Lachy touching out one of his close friends from Dover. The 200 freestyle relay, everyone's favourite, wrapped up this year's SEASAC. With the 12&U boys, 15&O girls and boys all breaking records. All Dragons swimmers held hands on the edge of the OCBC Aquatic Centre pool and jumped in as one proud team. At the final medal ceremony, emotions ran high, as some Dragons would be graduating this year and moving on to new adventures. Despite the best efforts to hold back, there wasn’t a dry eye to be seen. Not all tears of sadness that some of the Seniors would be leaving, but some tears of pride in how far we have come as a squad. We should also recognise all the other swimmers who had participated in SEASAC this year. Although some didn’t get a medal, they all contributed to the team’s overall success. A massive thank you to the parents - they are the ones that drive us in every morning at bizarre times. Without their support and help, our swimming journey would not have come this far. Finally, the coaches; thank you for sticking by us and for all the hard training that led our Dragons team to another successful swimming year.

Dragons retained the the boys SEASAC title, followed by coming first overall. The girls put up an excellent fight, but just missed the title and came second. Huge congratulations to Dover for winning the girls title. Well done to Lucas, Georgina and Liam for winning 'best in age' categories. However it was Lachy who stole the show as he was awarded the sportsmanship award for his contribution to everyone during the weekend. This award normally goes to a whole team so it was a very proud moment for us all when our captain was awarded, in our opinion, the most important accolade of all.

I am very fortunate to have grown as a swimmer with the Dragons over the years and to have met India, Lachy, Dan, Liam and Zak. On behalf of all the swimmers we have looked up to you and thank you for making your final SEASAC as a Dragon so remarkable.



13 Mar 2017
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