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Dragons soar to new heights: SEASAC Girls Softball runners up

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Dragons soar to new heights: SEASAC Girls Softball runners up

With only five weeks of training before SEASAC, the U19 A Girls Softball did not expect to grow as a team and as individual players as much as they were able to. Having lost to Tanglin 8-9 in a home game the day before, we did not have very high expectations for the tournament. Last year, we placed 6th at SEASAC, putting us at the bottom of the league this year.

Our first game was daunting, to say the least, having to play the reigning SEASAC Champions, NIST International School. Surprisingly, we were able to hold them 3-0 in the first half of the game, however a few fielding mistakes and our batting let us down, leading to a loss of 11-3. Despite this, we were able to hold our heads high, which allowed us to beat Ruamrudee nternational School 8-6. This was one of the first times in East girls softball history that we were able to make a comeback and win in the face of unlikely odds. Having played two games that day, and with the scorching heat bearing down on us, we were exhausted in our last game against Bangkok Patana School (BPS). This was clearly visible on the field as our batting and fielding weren't at par with how we usually perform, thus resulting in our 5-14 loss.

The slow start to SEASAC did not affect our attitude, and we started the next day in high spirits. Consistent batting and nearly impeccable fielding led us to our first win of the season against UWCSEA Dover. This 11-9 victory gave us the confidence that we needed to beat International School of Yangon (ISY) in our final round robin game by five runs. The win against ISY secured our position in the semi-finals and put us in a three-way tie for second with Dover and BPS. After a stressful period of score tabulation, we emerged in third place below NIST and BPS, respectively.

Having faced our biggest loss of the season to BPS the day before, the semi-finals was more of a redemption match for us. Starting strong with our batting, we managed to score three runs in the first inning itself. Following which, we did a solid job in the field, holding them to one run the whole game. This win secured a medal for us at SEASAC, as it placed us in the finals for first and second against Dover the next day. For many seniors on the team, being in a SEASAC final itself was an accomplishment that exceeded our expectations.

Although we were all hoping to do our best in the finals, our fielding let us down in the first inning, allowing Dover to score three runs. Our inability to place the ball effectively in the gaps resulted in our not being able to score as many runs as we needed to. However, our fielding was consistently good throughout the remainder of the game - enabling us to hold Dover, one of the best batting teams at SEASAC, to three runs. Ultimately, we lost the finals 1-3 to Dover, but it was a game well played by both teams.

Even with five seniors graduating this year, we are confident that the team will continue to develop and get the gold that they deserve. 

By Simran Sohal and Vanessa Toh 
Grade 12
East Campus


24 Mar 2016
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