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Dragons runners up at SEASAC Boys Softball Championships

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Dragons runners up at SEASAC Boys Softball Championships

This year the Boys U19 A SEASAC team travelled to UWCSEA Dover to participate in the 20th Annual SEASAC Championships. For all of us, it was an incredible experience travelling as a team and playing together. After a troubled season - which was extremely short - we made our way to Dover after playing only in the Phoenix Invitational and two games whilst having a limited number of trainings over the course of the season. After finishing third last year we were aiming to win this year as our team once again proved to be strong. An excellent start saw the boys winning 21-6 against Ruamrudee International School, 'mercy-ing' them in the fifth inning. This good form continued throughout the first day as we went on to beat the home school and our sister school, UWCSEA Dover, 19-4 with emphatic passion from all the players both on and off the pitch. This seemed to be our greatest triumph of the season as we had been unlucky over the past matches losing to them. Our final match of the day saw us playing Tanglin Trust School who we passed easily winning 13-3. Although the weather may have been unbelievably hot, after the first day we ended with 9 points after 3 wins in first position. 

Day 2 was the most important day of all. One more win and we would have had made it through to the semi-finals. Our first game was against Bangkok Patana School who stunned us and won 10-8. After this defeat, we still lifted our heads and went ahead to beat NIST International School, the former champions 11-7 to advance to the semi-finals in first place overall. This meant that we were to face Tanglin Trust School once again, a match which despite a bumpy start, we ended up winning 18-9. This meant that we would once again meet NIST in the finals for the SEASAC Boys Softball Championship. As we led into the final day, we were charged up for our final against NIST once again. Unfortunately, after a tight game, we ended up losing 9-4 to finish in second place overall. 

The silver finish for the Dragons Boys Softball A team this year was a major accomplishment. While we are sad to be losing three important players, we wish them all the best in their future endeavours. Super SEASAC was an incredible experience for all participants and the Dragons hope to have a shot at the Division I title again next year!

By Avi Dixit
Grade 11
East Campus


23 Mar 2016
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