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Dragons' Report: Overview of SEASACs

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Dragons' Report: Overview of SEASACs

East Dragons flying high at SEASAC Football, Cross Country, Volleyball and Golf
Season 1 SEASAC tournaments are now complete and UWCSEA East finished champions in girls football and boys cross country.  Hours of training on the football field, volleyball courts, golf course and cross country trails have brought success in many ways to these young athletes along with treasured memories of teamwork and friendship. 

Captains’ reports

SEASAC Football
SEASAC Football was held at Kuala Lumpur, Alice Smith School (KLASS) from 8th November to 10th November. The team played tremendously in the tournament. The boys had a tough, close fight and came in 4th. The girls emerged as champions, for the first time!

“It was an honour to be the captain and play side by side with guys like these. We did indeed have challenges throughout the season but the way our team has dealt with and grown from those challenges has made us stronger and a better team. Having played with the SEASAC team last year, I can say with hand on heart, this team has been the most pleasant to play with and to fight for. “ -- Dmitriy, Captain of SEASAC Football Boys
“When you compare our team at the beginning of the season to the end of the season, it is clear to see our immense progression and how far we have come as a group. We kicked off the season with a tournament at Stamford in which we ended up coming second last. This defeat opened our eyes and taught us that in order to achieve great success, we had to train harder as a team and augment our chemistry. We played the same teams at SEASAC plus more teams from around South East Asia and through determination and hard work we were undefeated and came out with gold around our necks. Although we went into the tournament with relatively average expectations, we proved what we really are capable of whilst staying respectful to all other teams. It was a weekend filled with tears and celebrations and it definitely comprised of more than one victory. Yes, we came out of the tournament with a gold trophy but we also transformed a team of friends into a family which will continue to grow and improve. We were extremely proud to be representing Singapore and our school, UWC East.” -- Sacha, Captain of SEASAC Football Girls 

SEASAC Volleyball
SEASAC Volleyball was held at United World College South East Asia, Dover from 8 to 10 November. Dragons gave it their all in the tournament. The girls came in 6th position and the boys came in 7th position.
“The SEASAC Championship tournament has always been the highlight of the volleyball season, and this year’s SEASAC was no exception. Our Dragon’s girls volleyball team was incredibly excited to face the annual SEASAC competitors after a few months worth of intense training and development. The rigour and tenacity that has developed within every team member was invigorating to watch. As captains, we are not only very proud of the development of skills that each player has showcased this year but also the team’s great amounts of commitment to the sport of volleyball. 
Over the course of the tournament, everyone was pushed both physically and mentally to perform the best we possibly could. However, it was our team spirit and constant communication that helped us through our tough games. At its core, volleyball is a mental battle, a battle which may sometimes be lost or won based on a team’s grit and mentality. That mental strength was definitely demonstrated this weekend by everyone’s enthusiasm and determination to play our best. It was an incredible asset to witness: if ever someone was distressed over the mistakes they were making, the rest of the team was there to pick them back up and reignite the energy on court.

Although our final placing wasn’t exactly what we had hoped, we were all exceptionally proud of our growth throughout the season, the way we stepped up to the challenges we faced and played our best throughout SEASAC.” -- Sophie & Anna, Captains of SEASAC Volleyball Girl

SEASAC Cross Country
SEASAC Cross Country was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 28 November to 1 December 2019. It was hosted by Garden International School. The team showed pure class of grit and teamwork throughout the tournament. The girls’ team fought through the adversity of the course and emerged Runners Up. The boys’ team, who was the defending champions, gave an amazing performance and emerged Champions once again! 

“The course was a true cross country course, hilly, muddy, slippery, hot, proving a very tough challenge for all the athletes. Day 1 saw boys narrowly grabbed the first spot from SAIS, with an amazing performance from Cao coming in 4th in his first ever SEASAC cross country as well as all the other boy athletes. Girls, despite having a very unfortunate series of events, managed to secure the second spot, behind Dover, with a great performance from Antara placing 3rd and a great show of perseverance from Tanisha, who despite collapsing still managed to finish the race. 
Day 2 was an even more eventful day, the Relays. The girls relay started off first, Antara producing a great first leg to get the girls team in front with a narrow lead on Dover and Tanglin, followed by Tanmayi and Philipa, both running as fast as they possibly could on the tough, battered up 3km course. When it came to Leg 4 it looked as if Dover has stepped on the gas, Hana putting everything she had to try and keep the Dover athlete from passing her, however, Dover had stepped on the gas and was in the clear. This put Tanisha in a rough spot, having to make up 45 seconds on her last leg, of which some was made up, however, Bella, the female individual champion proved too strong a contestant, Dover in first, East in second. 
The boys’ relays started shortly after. Cao ran a brilliant leg to give East a clear 10 second lead on SAIS, Dover, Yangon and Tanglin. Next, Lucas knew exactly what to do, widening the gap by another 35 seconds, with an amazing performance. Sean used his experience and long legs to keep a cool head and maintain this lead, handing the baton over to Gus, who despite being in major discomfort proved his grit and mental toughness by pushing through and finishing strong. Dover’s lead has now become a mere 15 seconds, putting lots of pressure on the anchor runner Thys. The whole team waited anxiously, having given everything, waiting to see what would become of the race. All around the course, coaches, teammates and other runners were cheering the last leg on, it was a standoff, Dover VS East, a race for the title. Thys in clear discomfort gave everything he had, finishing the relay with a 45 second lead on Dover, crowning the boys SEASAC champions.
The experience of coming out, giving everything you have to represent your school is one that on behalf of all athletes, was amazing. In the short span of 2 days, the team grew on each other, working together and all experiencing the same blistering course. Both the Dover and East teams really grew together, cheering on another on and feeling the UWC spirit come together. It was a greatly organized, tough course for which we have only the organising school, Garden International School, to thank for the amazing organization. Everyone is sad to see our two first time seniors, Gus and Philipa go, but also look forward to attempting to maintain our title next year.” -- Thys Moreau and Antara Jain, Captains of SEASAC Cross Country Team 

This year the Golf team traveled to Yangon to participate in what would be the last SEASAC Golf competition for some of us leaving UWC. It was an incredible experience traveling as a team and playing together. After numerous training sessions at the Laguna National Country Club, we made our way to Yangon. SEASAC was a learning curve for many of us. That being said, every player on the team showed commitment to the game and aimed for the lowest scores possible. The tough conditions on the first day affected our mental game and took a toll on our performance. However, after reflecting on the first round, we went back out for the second round and took on the course and made significant improvements to our scores. The support we had as a team for each other and the mentality of each player were key factors for our success. I would like to thank Mr Lawrence, Mr TM , Ms Currie and Coach David Bradshaw for supporting us throughout the entire season. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to showcase our best performance on the golf course. I think there is potential for this golf team and there is talent all around. For those with more SEASAC’s ahead, I anticipate great things to come. Go Dragons!



10 Dec 2019
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