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Dover students compete at the Touch Youth World Cup 2018

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Dover students compete at the Touch Youth World Cup 2018

During the summer of 2018, Dover students, Caitlin Gill, Tian Devine, Sophia Barkham, Alexandra Tonby Strandborg and Crystal Le Roux travelled to Malaysia for the Youth Touch World Cup from 8-11 August. Being part of the highly competitive U18 and U20 teams they faced fierce competition from South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, America and Malaysia. However, their own skills were to be reckoned with, their talent leading them to place fourth in the round robin. The team is still reeling from their incredible experience, Tian Devine saying “I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity and am still in pure shock that it all happened.”

Going into the games the girls biggest competitor was the team from South Africa. For Tian, their game against them also proved to be the highlight of the trip. Specifically, when she scored against the South African it was truly a memorable and proud moment for her. She said the team from New Zealand and Australia was incredible, and on a different level from them; nevertheless, the experience they obtained from simply playing against such formidable opponents left them as stronger players as a whole. 

The team got along extremely well, so another highlight for them was being able to enjoy their favourite sport with their close friends while witnessing and playing some really great touch. Tian states “I have been able to take away a lot of amazing experiences from the trip, and have learned new things from each game I played. I was lucky enough to share the experience with many of my friends, which only made it better.”

The team should be commended for their excellent skills and sportsmanship. Their achievements have truly made the school beam with pride. 


18 Sep 2018
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