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Demiurge: Wanderlust

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Demiurge: Wanderlust

I crave the
forever in the distance
The repetitive
of the forever flowing
The roar
of the wild
in its simplest form. 

All the more,

I crave the blue and white flag
with beautiful architecture
of myths and legends
and gods and goddesses
I miss the crumbled marble
the lapping waves of the sea
the tang of salt in the air
the pure white of the sand
I crave the rolling green fields
with infinite skies
the home of ancient fantasies
of elves and hobbits
I miss the snow capped mountains
the peaceful ripple of rivers
the lazy bleat of sheep
the piercing call of kiwis
I crave the city of romance
with its ever so tall tower
an elegant presence
forever humming
I miss the dancing language
the taste of amour on tongues
the feeling of déjà vu
in this wonderment of fashion 
I crave La Serenissima
the Queen of the Adriatic
a city of water and bridges
of boats and canals
I miss the gondolas of grace
the fishermen's colors
its Venetian food
of exotic flavors of bliss
I crave the paradise island
of sea breezes and palm trees
the sun beating down
on the color of water
I miss the sand between my toes
the whispers of the ocean
the shape of water
as I walk on the waves

The desire of wandering
of exploring the world
in its forevermore beauty

Demiurge is an online platform open to all UWCSEA East students from Grades 5-12, where they can share and showcase their creative literary work.

The definition of 'demiurge' is 'a being responsible for the creation of the universe', and in Platonic philosophy, it means 'the creator of the world'. The name is a powerful symbol of how we can create our own worlds, particularly through fiction, and illustrates our belief that we are creating and changing different aspects of the world we live in through writing.

We welcome all kinds of literary submissions, from poems to flash-fiction to photos to theatre-scripts. Make a submission via our submission form. 




14 Oct 2019
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