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Coping with Coronavirus – A Video Project

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Coping with Coronavirus – A Video Project

Once the lockdown started, feelings of discomfort and isolation were creeping up into my mind. There was no doubt that other people around me were feeling the exact same way. During my time at home, I decided to create something to help provide some interesting insights into the coronavirus pandemic, from different perspectives, all over the world. To do this, I contacted some people I knew, and interviewed them about the current state of the world, and what they think lies in the future. I also wanted to get a doctor’s perspective to examine the state of the medical industry during the pandemic from the inside. Hence, I also interviewed three doctors from different parts of the world. Overall, I tried to get a broad range of perspectives to compare emotions from different countries and industries of the world.

What I enjoyed when creating this video was stitching the interviews together and observing the similarities between people from all around the world. All interviewees felt the same feelings of anxiety and uncertainty, but shared optimism and faith about the future. It re-emphasised the importance of connection and hope among us.


2 Jun 2020
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