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Bringing light to social causes

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Bringing light to social causes

Can a film make us care about a social issue? Or, will we only care if there’s a strong narrative to excite, entertain and inspire us? With impact investor Leon Toh in the host’s seat at UWCSEA Dover’s IDEAS Hub, film-makers Elizabeth Jensen and Tejas Ewing, and social entrepreneur Caroline Essame discussed the processes, practicalities and problems of making movies to raise awareness of social issues. The evening started with a short documentary Mothers of Light about using play to support mums of special-needs children in Kerala. After a lively discussion, the takeaway message for film-makers and social entrepreneurs alike was that people do care, but for a film to raise awareness, it firstly needs to be aware of what the audience wants to see, not just what the director wants to say. 

Caroline Essame is a therapist and social entrepreneur committed to helping children develop through creativity and play. 

27 Nov 2017
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